May 2017

I haven’t written anything on here for a while, but I’ve been busy with my medical article gig. It pays more than this does so I gotta do it before this I guess, as much as I hate to say.

You know what’s awesome? When someone says they love your books. Like, it reeallly makes my day. I’ve had several people contact me to tell me how much they love the story and characters. A few begged me to try and get it made into a movie (oh man…if they only knew).

I wish it was easier to get books published. Good books go unpublished all the time while crappy books get put in bookstores. If a book is great, you also have to have experience as an author, know the right people, be at the right place at the right time, catch an agent or publisher on a good day, and have a story that’s not “out” (aka, vampires and dystopian).

I always said I wanted to publish World 4 not as a money-maker, but for experience and to get the story out there. I’m so glad there’s people who love it like I do!

A couple hidden chapters are now up for Migration. 🙂



I’m stoked to have finished the last book. World 4: Reckoning is up now and I love it! I know everyone loves their own books, but I reeeallllly love this story. It’s been so awesome to create an entire world and people and their history and personalities, etc. I highly recommend it as therapy. Kidding.

Or not.

Anyway, life has gotten in the way but I’m going to try and tell life to shove it and stay out of my way so I can post more hidden chapters. I love doing those and even if nobody ever read them, I’d still do it!

And on that note, I finally figured out how to put the hidden chapters on their actual pages instead of on the main page. Only took me months to do so. Whoops.


I’d always planned on putting out the last book of the series in October. In fact, I even advertised that INSIDE of the second book! And now, there will be a delay….big frown. I’ve been busier with things than I ever imagined and I can’t release it unfinished. I’ve had more freelance jobs come to me, I have four kids, and the grown-up dating world is showing to be very demanding when it comes to time. Which is a stupid excuse, but oh well, I’m only human.

My other series, TIME SEEKERS, has come back up in my life a little more as well. I’ve had a few agents ask for pages and when that happens, I always freak out and spend days re-assessing whether or not it’s good enough. I also just got invited to a pitch conference in New York City and have to get a whole bunch of stuff together in preparation for it.

BUT, I do have about 72,000 words of the last book in the WORLD 4 series, with probably 10,000 left. Maybe 15,000. If you don’t speak word count, that means I’ve got roughly 275 pages done. 🙂 Also, I’m 98% sure the title will be WORLD 4: ANNIHILATION.

So, yay for novel writing! Yay for reading! And YAY for this story and the characters!


I was talking to someone the other day about writing vs. storytelling. I remember Stephenie Meyer bringing this up with people, how she wasn’t necessarily a writer but a storyteller. I feel the same way. If I was a true “writer,” then my stuff would be much more eloquent and literary. I’d most likely be using longer, smarter-sounding words and phrases haha. Instead I’ve tried to focus on creating a story and telling it in a way that’s enjoyable to read and imagine, and surprises the reader in some way.

I also think it’s important to create characters you care about greatly. My absolute favorite character is actually from the other YA series I wrote that’s sitting in my computer right now. He’s ill-tempered and dark, with a hard past and scruffy facial hair (my faaavorite), and an extremely soft, loving side hidden deep inside him. He’s the kind of character I want people to dislike at first, but come to love and adore and wish were real. I know that I definitely wish he was real, just like I do with most of the characters I’ve created! I absolutely love when I read a book and ache for that character to be a real person instead of just stuck inside paper/a laptop forever. Maybe someday a really smart tech nerd from the Silicon Valley can invent a way to make book characters come to life. JK

I’ve read books before that had a great literary quality to them, but the characters and overall story were slightly “blah.” I’ve read novels where there were many mistakes and some questionable choices when it came to the writing quality, BUT, the story was so rad and vivid that I didn’t care about the other stuff. Some critics and readers have ripped apart Twilight as being “bad” and “junk,” but in my opinion, they’re wrong–people mostly just care about a good story. Her story was good. It was unique and new. So who cares if tenses are switched around once in a while? It’s a completely fresh take on vampires for goodness sake!

I don’t have a degree in English. I haven’t taught master classes on creative writing, and I most definitely don’t give a crap about writing anything literary. I love stories. And people, and creating all different kinds of all of it. Hopefully others appreciate that and will come to love these imaginary people and places I’ve created as much as I do. 🙂

Dang you, writer’s block!

I’ve never encountered writer’s block before. When others experienced it, I was all like “Ha ha, you fools, sitting around all confused while stuff just flows out of me, look at me go!” Just kidding, I’m not a brat. But I was just lucky.

I could sit and type for HOURS on end. Hours and hours without stopping. I’d see the scenes play out in my mind like a movie and just write down everything I saw/heard. It was awesome and made for some serious hand cramping. I could write a 95,000 word novel in only a month while still taking care of 4 kids (before editing).

Now I’m trying to get the third book done and it’s like I’m a blank. I know the generic story line, but details aren’t flowing like they were before. I can only sit for an hour at a time before I have to stop. If I force it, it’ll be bad. A few hours will go by and I’ll be able to write a few more pages, then the empty space in my head will take over again…yuck. I’m supposed to have this completely done by October, and I need to get my butt in gear!

So maybe instead of writing this, I should be doing the novel…right? Whoops, better go!

Hidden Chapter #1: A-Day

I’d mentioned before that I’d be putting up “hidden chapters,” which are really just excerpts from the books that didn’t make it into the novel. I knew I’d love it if series like Harry Potter or the Hunger Games put up additional snippets of story for me to read, so I thought I’d do it with World 4. Plus, it’s fun to keep expanding the story! Click on the World 4: Awakening section to see the first hidden chapter.