Dang you, writer’s block!

I’ve never encountered writer’s block before. When others experienced it, I was all like “Ha ha, you fools, sitting around all confused while stuff just flows out of me, look at me go!” Just kidding, I’m not a brat. But I was just lucky.

I could sit and type for HOURS on end. Hours and hours without stopping. I’d see the scenes play out in my mind like a movie and just write down everything I saw/heard. It was awesome and made for some serious hand cramping. I could write a 95,000 word novel in only a month while still taking care of 4 kids (before editing).

Now I’m trying to get the third book done and it’s like I’m a blank. I know the generic story line, but details aren’t flowing like they were before. I can only sit for an hour at a time before I have to stop. If I force it, it’ll be bad. A few hours will go by and I’ll be able to write a few more pages, then the empty space in my head will take over again…yuck. I’m supposed to have this completely done by October, and I need to get my butt in gear!

So maybe instead of writing this, I should be doing the novel…right? Whoops, better go!


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