I’d always planned on putting out the last book of the series in October. In fact, I even advertised that INSIDE of the second book! And now, there will be a delay….big frown. I’ve been busier with things than I ever imagined and I can’t release it unfinished. I’ve had more freelance jobs come to me, I have four kids, and the grown-up dating world is showing to be very demanding when it comes to time. Which is a stupid excuse, but oh well, I’m only human.

My other series, TIME SEEKERS, has come back up in my life a little more as well. I’ve had a few agents ask for pages and when that happens, I always freak out and spend days re-assessing whether or not it’s good enough. I also just got invited to a pitch conference in New York City and have to get a whole bunch of stuff together in preparation for it.

BUT, I do have about 72,000 words of the last book in the WORLD 4 series, with probably 10,000 left. Maybe 15,000. If you don’t speak word count, that means I’ve got roughly 275 pages done. šŸ™‚ Also, I’m 98% sure the title will be WORLD 4: ANNIHILATION.

So, yay for novel writing! Yay for reading! And YAY for this story and the characters!


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