The sequel to the first World 4 book is out! It’s pretty cool to have two books out there. Honestly, I like the second one better than the first–not only can I make the characters more interesting, there’s more of a complex plot as well. I absolutely LOVE the first, don’t get me wrong. It’s just been so awesome to expand the world I already created.

W4-25-CC copy

Something I loved doing was thinking up a futuristic society that blended advanced technology with regular old boring-life stuff. Like the Colonies’ technology. They were able to travel billions of miles, develop sophisticated sensors and engines that let them find planets across the galaxy, and generate all sorts of new gadgets. BUT, they still were “unsophisticated” in terms of things like growing food on board, weapons, and on-planet sensors. Someone asked me once how these people could possibly travel that far and have all sorts of awesome stuff, but not be able to tell if a neighboring Colony was under attack, or if an expedition group wasn’t in the spot they were supposed to be. My answer: because they didn’t have time for that crap.

They did everything they could to get themselves to another planet, which took up almost all of their time and effort. The ships, the engines, the sensors–those were the most important things. Anything else didn’t matter all that much. Hence the reason there were both sophisticated and less-sophisticated things present in the Colonies. Maybe that only makes sense to me, but hey–that’s okay!


Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/World-4-Migration-Debbie-Moyes-ebook/dp/B01J9VGNHE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1470449071&sr=8-1&keywords=World+4+migration


Free Today!

World 4: Awakening ebook will be free today (july 29th)!


W4-29-CC copy

It will be interesting to see the number of downloads that I get from it. People always like free stuff, so who knows how many will get it! I heard someone once say they had like 20,000 downloads on their free day. Crazy. I’m sure mine won’t be like that, but this will be an interesting experiment into how free downloads affect future sales.

Book 2!

I’m super excited that the cover for Book 2–World 4: Migration, is done! I’m putting it out for preorder July 29th. I told the designer that it was vital that there be a lake in there somewhere, as it plays an important part of the story. W4-M Final Front WebI know it feels slightly ominous maybe, but that’s kinda what I was going for. The story gets darker and more complex, which makes it so much better! I’m also going to schedule a free day for the first book right around when book 2 is released. Yippee for free stuff!

Failing Forward

I heard the term “Failing Forward” recently and really loved it. Maybe it’s a term that’s really common and I’m just lame and haven’t paid attention, but whatever, now I know.

I’ve always equated the word “fail” as moving backward, or downward, or stopping completely. But I’ve seen with this whole writing thing how failing can actually bring you forward in many instances. For example, if I’d succeeded in publishing books like I reeealllly wanted to when I first started, I’d be on the world’s worst author list. And yes, there will be people who will say I can qualify as that now–but I’m talkin’ for real, like legitimately the books would be complete garbage.

Because I failed at that first attempt, I investigated the world of online writing classes, tutorials, self-help, and everything else you can imagine. I kept writing stories and some freelance stuff and got an idea for another book. So I wrote it. Then another came, and then I decided to completely re-do World 4 from scratch. So even though it was the first book I wrote, it really was my fourth, considering the current World 4 is not even remotely close to the original.

My other book series got to the point where actual agents showed actual interest in it (Yippee!). But because the traditional publishing avenue moves at a glacial pace, I wanted to bring World 4 our now, get the hang of it all, turn my VERY secret hobby into a legitimate profession.

And boy was it hard to get to this point. The failures I had definitely helped me to get to the point where I could write a readable book. But my biggest hurdle now is my FEAR. I am terrified. Of people not liking it. Of making a fool out of myself. Of the awesome story and characters not getting the attention they deserve. It’s such a cool story, that the number one driving force behind me originally starting to pursue publication was because I couldn’t let my characters sit, sad and unknown and lonely on my computer. I’m not the type to put myself out there with my own accomplishments, and so this has been dang hard. And it’s not going to get easier, which only adds another level of frightening-ness to it.

Having a not-so-fun disease makes it hard to have a “real” office job. Failing in the past has brought me to the place I am now–where I can publish an actual, readable, enjoyable story and call it a job (the best job EVER, in my opinion). All the failures had great timing, considering it led to this publishing experience right when I was about to become a single mom.

In short, if I hadn’t failed, I wouldn’t be where I am. And where I am in regards to novels is so much better than where I was before. There’s going to be some more big-time fails to come, no doubt, but hopefully that means I can keep using it to fail forward. Even if I land flat on my tired face, that’s still moving forward, right?


Hello, new and crazy life.

This is all pretty terrifying to me. I’m an outgoing person, but I’m NOT the type who goes around selling things. I’ve been asked to sell oils, makeup, weight loss, whatever else, and my answer is always no, because Debbie doesn’t sell. I just can’t get in front of people and say “Here I am! Buy stuff from me, please!”

Books aren’t quite the same as selling mascara or time shares, mind you, but it’s similar in that I have to convince people to read my product. This aint easy when there’s approximately ten gazillion books out there, all with authors who are also trying to do their thing and sell their book. If you’re a nobody like me, then it’s especially hard. Dang, is it hard. I have no fans. I have no entourage. It’s just me and my kids, and some friends who are telling me to go for it.

I started out trying to do it the traditional way. I queried agents, and got rejections. The first ¾ of those rejections were absolutely justified, because the material just wasn’t great. Not that I really understood that at the time, though. A few agents told me straight-up that they do not take on new, unknown authors, period. Why? Because publishers are more wary of people like that. My frustration level skyrocketed after getting a few of those letters.

When an agent requested some material from me for my other YA sci fi series, I decided to self publish World 4. Although I consider the material to be good enough for traditional publication (of course I do, what kind of author would I be if I didn’t?), I wanted to get right into some kind of publishing while still pursuing traditional avenues.

W4-29-CC copy

I chose World 4 to self publish while keeping the other series back. It’s a very dear story to me and I wanted to have full control over it. I also wanted to get into the groove of websites, formatting, advertising, blah blah and everything you can imagine associated with it. It will be good to have that experience that I can present to agents and/or publishers, maybe make me look less dumb and more reputable. It would nice to be able to sit back and do nothing while my books sell like crazy, but I know that it won’t happen, not even a little bit. Whether someone self-publishes or does it traditionally, they are going to have to be involved in blogging, marketing, etc. It’s a lot of hard work. But I’m doing it, because dang it — I can’t stop myself.